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Our Approach

We combine mastery, gamification and social learning to enable educational achievement in a convenient and fun way.

Our products are built for learners at the levels of mass foundations, institutions, the public sector and specialized custom or in-company provisions.

About us

Learn at Your Pace

Learn different subjects anytime and anywhere as a student, professional, vocational worker or entrepreneur.

Personal and Social Learning

Play, learn and win with gidimo. Earn exciting rewards and compete with fellow learners in a fun online community.

Seize Your Future

Unlock your potential with the advanced learning programs and opportunities we provide.

Impacting Generations

We solve the world's educational crisis by delivering mastery learning and livelihoods at scale.

Our Vision

Everyone can be inspired and enabled

Our vision is a peaceful, happy, friendly, and productive world where everyone is inspired and enabled to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Helping and Transforming Africa

Our corporate mission is to transform Africa by inspiring and helping Africans to achieve their personal advancement goals.

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We are supported by solid and reputable brands around the world.


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